TiFi Token is Integrated as Payment Crypto for Vending Machines in 15 Countries

TiFi brings a concept that bridges the universe and metaverse, improves crypto adoption in real life, and encourages the use of NFT to exchange real-world products. TiFi has identified that strategic partnerships with institutes and companies geared toward the same direction are the feasible way to bring the change. In this regard, TiFi has made a bold step by establishing a partnership with IvendPay.

IvendPay is a payments platform that enables people to pay for goods and services using their crypto assets at POS and Vending machines. IvendPay is available in 15 countries -Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, Serbia, Estonia, and Dubai. Soon, they will be present in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and other locations. All terminals will be connected by the end of 2022, thereby increasing the number to 11 million vending machines. And TiFi is going to connect 80,000 more merchants soon.

With the likes of Binance, Dogecoin, and several other partners of IvendPay, TiFi is building an ecosystem where crypto adoption will be optimal. Partnership with IvendPay will give TiFi access to its available payment platforms; this means you can pay for your favourite products using TiFi tokens with any IvendPay machines and Merchants. IvendPay has also offered to Advertise TiFi Token on all payment slips in their network by the end of 2022. This partnership will produce approximately 11,000,000 advertising transactions and a promo recording for our website, community, and other benefits.

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