TiFi Bank Release Notes


TiFi L.L.C. launched its first DApp TiFi Bank on July 12, 2022. TiFi Bank is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) running on Binance Smart Chain, which offer the competitive rate for swapping tokens and higher reward rate for liquidity providers.

For the first version of TiFi Bank release on July 12, there are 2 main features: Swap and Liquidity. TiFi Bank takes 0.20% of transaction amount for swapping fees when trading per pair, which is 20% less than PancakeSwap. TiFi Bank rewards 0.18% of transaction amount to liquidity providers compared 0.17% for PancakeSwap.

There is 0.02% of transaction amount from swapping goes to TiFi Treasury, the TiFi team will use the budget for TiFi buyback & burn events, growing liquidity, donation and build TiFi Allverse Platform.

In August, the TiFi Team will release TiFi Bank version 2. Staking feature will be included in this version. And TiFi Dev Team is developing its own code of staking to put funds from existing community wallet to TiFi Bank as the staking rewards for TiFi Bank users.

TiFi Bank will also release the Portfolio feature later this month so that the metrics like historic APY and TVL for each LP.

TiFi Bank is a trustful place for investors. The TiFi Team only select the trusted and long running project to be listed on TiFi Bank. TiFi will kick off a partnership program to collaborate with other crypto projects and define the process to introduce strong projects on TiFi Bank to make a safe and great place for crypto investors.

TiFi Bank currently has 3 trading pairs as the TiFi Bank grows, the TiFi Team plan to list more tokens and make the liquidity pools larger to reduce the price impacts. Here are the 3 trading pairs at the initial release of TiFi Bank:

TIFI/BNB: https://bscscan.com/address/0x707b6f02ffc0c7fd9fe3a4f392aef47218021337

BNB/BUSD: https://bscscan.com/address/0x76fc4931d9d3a2054aee2d59633e49b759277d69

BNB/USDT: https://bscscan.com/address/0x35bcb082347dc28d3b7e28abd383afe653a6dada

The TiFi Team is also glad to receive any feedbacks and resolve the issues that users have. For more information, please follow the following channels about TiFi:

Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Reddit