Meeting Notes of TiFi Voice AMA May 2022

San Francisco, May 3, 2022, The TiFi Team

Welcome everyone! This is the second AMA session since the TiFi project was born. Samuel, the CEO and Dev of TiFi L.L.C. is the speaker who hosted this AMA session. This session is also recorded, you can check the live recording at

Achievements in April

TiFi Token was launched on March 31, 2022, which is one month from now. We have observed the fast growing market and community for the last month. Which shows the max daily trading value of $3.14M. The $TIFI price now is 6x of price when it is launched and ATH (All time high) is 10x of that price. You can visit to check the trading volume stats and liquidity on PancakeSwap.

On April 11, we listed TiFi Token on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. After that, we announced the TiFi Roadmap on to explain more about the TiFi Allverse journey. Also TIFI price is tracked by, Yahoo! Finance, Binance and Coinbase etc.

There are other achievements we made in this April:

  • New Official website
  • 11K+ $TIFI Holders
  • 12K+ TiFi Telegram group members globally, 5 groups around the world
  • TIFI logo on TrustWallet and TokenPocket
  • Ads on Poocoin, Twitter, bddsapp and other crypto websites
  • BSCScan information enrichments: Social Media, Price, Marketcap, Audit Badge etc.
  • TiFi Trademarks for TiFi Token, Logo, TiFi Bank and Allverse
  • Legal Opinions of TiFi products

Progress of TiFi Bank

TiFi Bank is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that supports farming, swapping and staking features. We plan releasing the farming and swapping features this June, and the staking feature in August.

Here are some features we want to highlight:

  1. TiFi Bank Swap transaction fee is 0.2% which is lower than major DEXs like PancakeSwap and ShibaSwap.
  2. 90% of TiFi Bank transaction fee (0.18% of tx amount) will reward LP providers, we maximize your income for farmers.
  3. 10% of TiFi Bank transaction fee (0.02% of tx amount) will be used for Buy-back and Burn events.
  4. When staking TIFI with TiFi Bank, 20% of all fees collected that happened in TiFi Ecosystem(including TiFi token buy/sell/transfer from/to all other DEXs, which is approx. 0.2% TIFI transaction volume, but excludes the 0.2% of tx fee in TiFi Bank) will be sent to TiFi Bank as staking reward, meanwhile, the people who stake TIFI will also get compound reflection reward with TiFi Bank.

Here is the comparison diagram:

CEX Listing Updates

There are several CEX listing plans undergoing but I would like to share the partnership with today since we have agreed to list TIFI on their platform on May 16th, 2022. is one of the leading CEX in the world and has millions of active users every day and ranked #37 on CoinGecko as an exchange. There are several benefit from the partnership with,

  1. Buy TIFI with VISA cards
  2. Swap using TIFI/mUSDT pair
  3. Gain the investors from Coinsbit

We will also have a TIFI trading competition hosted by Coinsbit to boost the trading volume and engagement.

Future Plans

Besides TiFi Bank, we are also planning to have TiFi Wallet as our next product to focus. It will bring the mobile experiences to TiFi and TiFi Bank. All the features in TiFi Bank will be integrated into TiFi Wallet to bring fantastic experiences of TiFi.

For TiFi Shopping & Trading Platform, we are now in the production design phase. It will provide services in two ways: web service, and mobile app. It will not start in the form of giant online shopping platforms like Amazon or eBay. We will first focus on an area of products to attract a considerable volume of users and vendors and then expand our business to more product areas.

We are continuing doing marketing along with top influencers, partners and ads platforms. We are now opening partnerships with other projects and companies. The partnership will bring investors and audience to TiFi. Also it is a way we can do marketing by leveraging their social media and platforms. We are now negotiating with other CEX for listing and marketing, as well as partnership working under the scene, just stay tuned, we will announce these news once we finalize the deals.

If you are interested in partnering with TiFi, please send an email to

We have got lots of great questions from Telegram and Twitter. Hope this session can cover most of your questions. If you have more questions, feel free to post your questions in our Telegram group.

Here are the ways to follow latest news about TiFi:

Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit



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TiFi - TiFi Token / TiFi Bank

TiFi - TiFi Token / TiFi Bank

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