Meeting Notes of TiFi Voice AMA June 2022

San Francisco, June 19, 2022, The TiFi Team.

Welcome everyone to today’s AMA. We held an AMA on the Ape Dubai channel one week ago, which was thrilling and exciting. Here we come back to our own group for this AMA and We will answer our community members’ questions and announce the latest deal with our new partners.

Recap of Achievements

Before we proceed, we want to reiterate the vision and purpose of TiFi. We can define our vision with three words TiFi Defines Allverse. TiFi brings a concept that connects the universe and metaverse. We hope to improve crypto adoption in real life, encouraging the use of NFT to exchange real-world products.

People presently purchase NFT and hold until there is an increase in its value. With the latest concept from TiFi, people will gain NFT as proof of ownership for a real-world product purchased. Hence, NFT will always have value not just in the metaverse but also in the universe.

TiFi is the first token to offer a rebate service to individuals carrying out a transaction with the token. Whenever you purchase a product and pay using a TiFi token, you receive a 1% cash-back.

In Q1, We launched TiFi website and also launched on Binance smart chain. TiFi had its smart contract audited and KYC by CertiK. We have also been listed on two CEX so far: Coinsbit and Latoken . We plan listing $TIFI on more exchanges in the future.

TiFi Bank

We are glad to announce that TiFiBank is at the stage of deployment. The bank will have many features such as staking, swap, and liquidity. In Q4, we hope to add more features, including the lending and borrowing feature. TiFi will operate just like a bank in the real world. Next year we will release the TiFi allverse, where people can use our app to trade real-world products and get NFTs.


We have completed KYC, not just with CertiK, but with Pinksale and Obsidian council. Obsidian council is a Trust-As-A-Service company that provides KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundry) compliance verification. Our token can be legally traded in the United State and other parts of the world.

The US has stricter regulations for crypto projects, and to meet these requirements, we did the required paper works. You may notice Binance has a separate entity called, which just meets the legal requirement to operate in the United States. By fulfilling AML compliance requirements, TiFi provides much more trusted services and confidence to our customers and investors.


June has been an exciting month for TiFi Token, market is focusing on us and the team is working hard on the business development, marketing expansion, as well as partnerships. Here we are going to share some good news. We are still working on some partnerships and can’t announce them until they are finalized.


We are listed in Vision, a crypto wallet and crypto asset management platform. Vision is a multi-chain wallet and portfolio tracker that combines the essential features in one app. Their mobile app has more than fifty thousand downloads giving TiFi a significant exposure.

IvendPay partnership

TiFi has established a partnership deal with IvendPay; this means TiFiToken will be available in 15 countries, 11 million vending machines, and 200 thousand merchants as an accepted TIFI as payment currency. You can trade, shop, and buy gas, and groceries with TiFiToken. This protocol allows you to Scan QR Code with Wallet Apps and Make Purchase with TiFi.

CEX Listing Updates

CEX listing is also in the pipeline. As promised, we will be listed in one of the top 10 crypto exchanges, the process is already in motion, and an official announcement will be made regarding this soonest.

We thank you all for your commitment and we promise to bring more updates to the community. This will be the end of today’s AMA, have a wonderful day!

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