Demystify the Burning Mechanism of TiFi Token

Two Ways of Burning: Subtraction vs. Transferring

Something burnt, you cannot restore back.

Deep Dive into TiFi Token Burning Mechanism

As you can see from this transaction, the deployer of TiFi Token created the smart contract with the initial supply of 1 quadrillion (1,000 Trillion) TiFi Tokens. Now the total supply now on show the total supply is around 982 Trillion. It means around 18 Trillion (1000 minus 982) TiFi Tokens have been burnt so far, because the subtraction between initial supply and total supply for now is how the burnt amount is calculated.

Burn functions of TiFi Token Smart Contract
The BSCScan Transaction for A TiFi Token Burning Event



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TiFi - TiFi Token / TiFi Bank

TiFi - TiFi Token / TiFi Bank

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